Auction Draft 14 Team 2 QB League

How much does the QB values jump when you are in a 14 team auction draft with 2 QBs? Do you double the amount of money you spend on a QB?

Depends to some extent on who you target as to how much you pay, but yeah, I would guess with a standard $200 budget, you’re going to see Mahomes and a few others go for upwards of $40 or more.

Fortunately, the value of individual QBs in 2 QB leagues is not as important as it is in single-QB leagues. This is because your QB score is now averaged across two players, rather than being the direct product of a single stud. Having Mahomes and Darnold is functionally equivalent to having Cousins and Ryan.

Since you would kill the rest of your team trying to get two (or even one, really) of the elite QBs, see if you can get three QBs for $10-$20 each… Stafford, Cousins, Ryan, Jones, Winston, Big Ben… Zach Wilson or Ryan Fitzpatrick even, as a 3rd QB.

That should still leave you enough money for a credible starting lineup, if you don’t go for Zeke and Adams or something.