Auction Draft // 3-Keepers // Rookie Draft Hybrid [OPEN SPOTS]

League: Auction Draft // Max 3-Keepers // Snake Rookie Draft Hybrid

Scoring: 0.5 PPR // 6 point per passing touchdown.

Platform: Sleeper. Provided they roll out auction support for the 2020 season.

Buy In: Negotiable. $100? Enough to keep everyone actively engaged.

Roster: 1QB 2RB 3WR 1TE 2FLEX. 6 Bench. 2 IR.

Auction Draft: $1,000 budget. Auction will take place following Preseason Week 4 (Sunday, August 30th 2020).

Rookie Draft: A rookie slow-draft will take place following Hall of Fame weekend (Monday, August 10th 2020)

Link to full outline & rules:

Notes: Testing the waters for a new startup league I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’m involved in a couple long-term leagues with friends, but nothing more complex than the standard ESPN re-draft snake, waivers, vanilla roster. I would really like to do an auction league with some keeper caveats. Pricing is up in the air, but I was thinking $100+ as I want everyone actively engaged to some degree. Ideally, this would be one of everyone’s “main” leagues, but I obviously cannot enforce that. I’m floating the idea in June/July because I’m hoping to attract more serious players, but I don’t know how many people are actually looking for a league this early. Below is a full outline + set of rules. I’m hoping they come across as thorough and show the league will be well managed; not as confusing and/or over regulated.

Reservation Spots:

  1. VivaLaGooners

  2. scurochiaro (reddit)

  3. Htran87 (reddit)

  4. BobbaGhanoush402

  5. E

  6. F

  7. G

  8. H

  9. I

  10. J

  11. K

  12. L

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[Edit] Added scurochiaro

[Edit] Added Htran87

I’d be in on this

Cool, replied to you on Reddit but just to summarize & bump the Topic …

1. What will the trade rules look like? (salary cap, league voting, etc.)
2. Even if Sleeper doesn’t roll out Auction support we could do the draft via video chat and manually upload rosters. Hopefully they do, but worst case figuring out those details wouldn’t be end of the world.
3. What would the playoff bracket look like? I normally see 6 teams in a 12 team league with 1st and 2nd getting a week 1 bye in a 3 week playoff. Could also do 1st place overall and most points scored get the bye.
4. If you don’t get 12 are you still planning to run this as a 10 team?


  1. Trades - Would prefer trades go thru instantly, with a league voting system that ideally never needs to be used. Maybe like 8/10 to veto
  2. Sleeper - I wouldn’t be opposed to that, or using another platform to draft & then manually adding to sleeper
  3. Playoffs - 6 teams is good with me if that’s what people prefer. I don’t really have a strong opinion either way
  4. Size - I’ve done ten team before & I don’t really love it. But between friends & coworkers I could probably fill 2-6 spots without too much trouble, if need be. I just wanted to try a league with some new people, who were open to new ideas (ie auction, FAAB, etc.)


let’s get this filled up folks

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