Auction draft advice, 1/2 PPR, 12 man

Hey guys! Happy (almost) best time of the year! I have my draft Sunday and wanted to get some advice from you guys.

I have Derrick Henry as my keep for $31 this year. I feel really happy with that (obviously) and was curious, with that knowledge, what your draft approach would be? I think I try to grab 2 more RB1s for like $120 so I have 3 RB1s and $50 to spend on everyone else? How then do I use that $50? Other strategies? Thanks guys!

If i were you I’d try to get two RB2s that have high upside instead of blowing your load on rbs and having almost no shot at consistency in all the other positions.

It’s also unlikely you can get two true rb1s for 120 since presumably some other rb1s will be kept by other teams and the ones remaining will go for higher than the prices you might find on auction value lists.

Yeah I guess it will depend heavily on how the draft goes but Henry is the only RB1 being kept. Our league is 2019 price+$5+10% of draft price. Any RB1s last year were too much or on a team that quit the league (Kenyan Drake). I will probably look for more of a Drake/Ekeler combo to supplement Henry while also maintaining a solid bankroll to fill out the WR corp.