Auction draft advice! What would you do?

Alright so I’m in a 10 team keeper league… Standard scoring
1QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, Flex, Dst,K
6 bench

I already have Ajayi, OBJ and Todd gurley
The way I look at that is Ajayi RB1,OBJ WR1 and Todd gurley Flex

So who would you persue to fill out your starters.?

Option #1. stud RB/TE and cover my WR3
Go after D. Johnson, Gronk, crabtree… crabtree is my WR 2 and then D. Johnson and Gronk not only fill out my RB 2 and TE position but they also cover my WR3 Spot. This does leave my bench with more upside hopefulls instead of good dept. with players like Paul Perkins and Corey Coleman.

Option #2 Stud RB/WR and stream TE and WR3
Go after D. Johnson and Antonio Brown as your RB1 and WR2 then have a weak WR 3 like Desean jackson and upside TE like Henry hunter… Like the idea of having D. Johnson ajayi and OBJ and A. brown… I think that’s a scary line up. This does leave my bench with players like Paul Perkins and Corey Coleman though. So not much dept just upside.

Option#3 good RB and WR and deep bench.
Go after Demarco Murray and 2 WR good Baldwin and Watkins… Then have decent money to go after alot of middle group players to fill my bench.
Players like Joe Nixon, Carlos hyde, mark Ingram and players like fitz and devante Adams. So not the Stud starting core persay but prob alot better dept on my bench then the other 2 options.

Not sure what to do… Really Got 2 Go big options and 1 go for middle of the road approach.

What advice would you give to me as I head into the draft this weekend.


Option #2 go big or go home. With so many studs you don’t need much depth .We know this players with high upside are pretty much boom or bust but by having so many options somebody has to be a boom. You just gotta guess which one has the winning lottery ticket

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I draft tomorrow.

Anyone else got an opinion to help me out?