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Auction Draft Advice?


Hey clan.

I’ve been doing fantasy leagues for many years, but I’m joining a live auction draft this year for the first time and I was wondering if I could some of your drafting strategies/tips from those experienced.

Are you essentially shooting for a similarly balanced team as you would have in a snake? I’m assuming the price you pay for value should net a similar looking team as a snake draft…


I haven’t done Auction myself but know people LOVE it. Just wanted to share this article from our site in case you hadn’t read it: https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/articles/auction-drafts-beginners/


I like to take every roster spot I need to fill (even bench spots) and assign them a figure as a budgetary estimate. That way in the live draft I know if I over-bid for a player I am robbing Peter to pay Paul. Or if I can grab a value I can take the savings and give myself more flexibility at another position.

Run through the UDK and see what players may cost and build yourself a few teams until you find figures that make sense.


for me, to answer that completely depends on how you want to play. if you want to play to win, 100% what guiness said. its smart, effective, and has very little risk. but lets say you are a gambling man. which i am. a really fun, and dangerous way to bid, is to push bids up. so lets say you know your league so so and you know that a bunch of them are from dallas. its pretty much a lock at that point to get a guy to over bid for zeke. i had a lot of fun this year doing just that. i kept on over bidding on zeke to make someone else pay waaaaay too much for him. we play with 167 million in budget, i got him to pay 60m a year for 4 years. and thats not a joke i kind of wish it was. its fun but dangerous. i ended up over paying for freeman myself. i was able to trade him away though for some good talent so it worked out haha. but basically i made zeke fan over pay, giving me the chance to get a more solid core because he couldn’t bid as high. i did this to about 5 people and ended up with a pretty solid team all around along with the most funds because well… i made everyone over pay lol.

but if you really want to take it serious, guiness’s way is the way to go. you will avoid jerks like me, and keep a solid budget. as for value to budget, it also depnds on what kind of draft it is. like, is it dynasty? because that changes a lot of things. along with if you have contracts so on and so forth. a basic auction draft is pretty simple. its the exact same as your basic redraft, but you just have to budget really well.


To add to that, the more you can bid up other players, like hype train express players, the less money is available to bid against you for your targets. Just make sure you know your league or you may end up with a guy you don’t want for more than you wanted to pay.


The article Brooks linked to is great. And if you dig through the podcast archives, there have been some solid discussions on general strategy as well. In brief…

  • Early on, it’s great to bleed other teams of their cash. Nominate popular players (that’ll get bid way up) that you DO NOT want on your squad.

  • Don’t get caught trying to bid up guys you don’t want just for the sake of upping their price. (Note in the previous point, I wrote nominate, not “bid up”.)

  • Use tiered (preferably UDK) rankings. Don’t key in on one player, but instead try to find value within a tier of guys.

  • Have a bit of a cash reserve tucked away for later on in the draft. Many teams exhaust their $$$ on a few studs, meaning you can get mid-value guys for dirt cheap.

  • Mock draft several times to get a feel for the flow of this draft. It’s very different from snake. And can take a lot longer. Bring an extra bag of double stuffs.

  • Often the very first player in the draft goes just a bit cheaper than rightly valued. Folks are excited to get the draft started, but don’t want to “lose all their money” at the very start, so they under-bid. (That said, the next several guys in a live auction draft swing to the overpriced region of things.)

  • Pay close attention to other teams’ needs. But don’t try to corner the market on something. (Had a guy draft 6 QBs last season cuz he saw they going cheap and thought he’d trap the rest of us into a trade later in the season. He went 2-11.)