Auction Draft Dynasty - keepers in

The keepers are in and there has been a run on RBs such that the only 2 of the top 5 remain. CMC and Cook remain. We have a $200 cap; 16 roster spots; 6pt/.5pr; 1QB/1RB/2WR/K/Def-ST/2 Flex WR/TE/RB.

CMC - it is entirely possible in our league that he goes for $80 and Cook $70+. I currently have Nick Chubb as a keeper @$13 (My only keeper). Do you pay up to and possibly beyond for CMC or Cook OR do you pair Chubb with someone like M. Sanders; CEH; A. Eckler; J. Mixon?

For context, last year Cook went for $70 and Zeek was kept this year for $79.

If you pair Chubb with Miles Sanders you’ll have so much money available and can have a solid lineup and bench. Chubb at $13 was a steal. You could go get some high end WRs or a top QB with the money left over. Just my 2 cents.

But there seems to be some concern around Sanders. Isn’t your RB1 a bit risky with Sanders?

He’d be your RB2 wouldn’t he? With Chubb. But I didn’t see you posted other RBs as well…I’d target a Mixon or a Josh Jacobs, that would be a really stacked RB duo. Sanders has the injury but he’ll still be fine long-term. Can save the money and get a lot of mid round WRs.

Thanks man. I am leaning toward Mixon. It is so hard for me to do given how Cinci is a tough team to bank on, but you are right. If the Mixon of the last part of the year is the standard for this year, then I will be fine. Get out the Pepto. Just would love to have a lock on a top 5 RB given the depth at WR.

anyone else have any thoughts?