Auction Draft Strategies

I recently bought the UDK to support the show, but I don’t think there is an auction cheat sheet. This is the first time I’m doing an auction draft (12 team, .5 PPR, 2 keepers). What are some general strategies for approaching the draft? Has anyone else used the UDK in the past for an auction draft?

UDK really wont help all that much with Aiction because you can get any guy you really want, so long as you want to pay for him.

I would say that a good strategy if you are looking to use the UDK, is to nominate players with high ADP that you DO NOT want and let everyone go crazy. The more money they spend, the more likely you are able to get your guys later. Auction is the best way to build “your team”.

Also, it can be tricky, but you can also spike the price on a player while the bidding is heavy (bid every half second or so) and watch someone accidentally hit “bid” after you jacked the price very high. This can bite you hard if you get stuck, so do it on a guy you dont mind having.

Lastly, dont spend just because you have. Toward the latter stages of a draft, good flex guys will start going for pennies. Depth can be great in auctions, especially if you aim to trade.

That is my advice. The UDK will give you a good idea of rankings and general opinion of players. I would use that to throw players at my opponents and wait for my guys.

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