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Auction Draft Strategy: 2019 Fantasy Football Budget Builder

Originally published at: https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/articles/auction-draft-strategy-2019-fantasy-football-budget-builder/

As we turned the calendar over to August, Fantasy Football drafts are like your car’s passenger-side mirror: objects are much closer than they appear. While it may be a few weeks before your draft, you need to begin planning for your draft yesterday. Auction leagues bring another level of detail to your planning process. Owners…

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I find that 1)with keepers, 2) with only a few superstars at the top, and 3) with free agency and injuries, that most WR 1 and RB 1’s go for 55-60+, and your bench can be constructed at the end for next to nothing. Is anyone else seeing this trend and, if so, how would you adjust your strategy?

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Yeah, I have the same in my league. We have 18 teams with two keepers. The Tier 1 RB’s that aren’t keepers go for $60-70.

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Yes, keepers will create inflation of the available players as more money chases less talent. Also, as league size increases, prices will rise as well, based on the same concept (demand>supply)

I wrote an article on this inflation a few years ago. Ignore the names, but the process is the same:

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One thing about my league is that you can trade for players in the off-season, including keepers, and you can trade up to $15 draft dollars. Have been considering buying David Johnson for $65 ($58 keeper cost + $5 to the other team) but can’t quite pull the trigger. I have Guice and Michele as my keepers currently at $13 and $16 respectfully. Just waiting for Guice to play a down in the preseason.

Sorry, $63…

I found this article after leaving this comment, it was awesome! exactly what I was looking for. everyone can keep 1 keeper in my league for 35 to start. Although after doing the math, it is still scaled a bit higher where I see the first 5 RBs and WRs going for 60-70, and most people using only $1-$2 for bench spots. So I essentially have made ‘tier factors’ where the top is has an inflation factor much higher. Question is, what’s the draft strategy with this mindset? hold out and take everyone at second wave for 30-40, or still guarantee another stud with your keeper? Alot of the success last year came from teams pulling the trigger hard on a WR1 and RB1 and then just sitting…

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This year, for the first time in a longtime, I’m trending more towards a volume approach, as outlined in the budget builder. I love the players available at RB in that Chubb, KJ tier, and the WR value from Diggs tin aRob is outstanding. Where teams in the past won with studs and duds in the past, we are seeing more and more teams spreading the ball around. The difference between the WR1 and WR2 ranks has shrunk significantly. So locking in 4-5 guys that can post WR1 numbers any given week with consistency is going to be key.