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Auction Draft Strategy: Building and Using a Budget


Originally published at: https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/articles/auction-draft-strategy-building-using-budget/

  Editor’s Note: Check out some of our other auction related articles. The quickest way to ruin your auction draft is to spend wildly without having a plan. In fact, I’ve seen people get caught up in the moment and win the first two players and get caught price enforcing on the third. Suddenly, they…



Just the other day I was asking for help in Auction Drafts. Great article, thanks a lot!


The only question I have, and that might take some more extrapolation, what’s the best way to adjust for keepers in dynasty auction drafts?

I get just creating a slough fund in your budget that you can draw from as needed after you’ve plugged your keepers into your budgeted roster accordingly. But how much/how do you adjust the AAV’s for the remaining pool after everybody’s keepers have been removed. Also, what’s the variance in AAV’s for 14-team leagues - since some of us do play in slightly more competitive formats.


@tony_tok Here is an article, click on see full post to see the whole thing.


It’s a great article and was fun to follow. I especially appreciate seeing examples of what players I could get for what price with such a budget.

But here’s how my league is different. For years now, in our 12-team league, we’ve kept our bench size limited. We usually had 5 bench spots and last year we went down to 4 spots for the first time. This is the first year we’ve converted from a snake draft to an auction draft. I like it, but I do not have the needed experience, especially with a standard roster (+1/2 PPR) and only 4 bench spots. I know that changes the dynamics, but how? Will everyone just be 30%-40% more expensive since we’ve reduced our bench by about 40%?

Thank you


So by this strategy, you would really never end up with any of the high end players, e.g. David Johnson, Lev Bell, Antonio Brown, correct? Do Andy, Jason, or Mike play in any auction leagues? Do they end up with none of the greats?

I think it might be a good strategy to not have the top players to have more players just below them. Just curious to see how they use this.


Did you see my recent article on keepers/inflation?

Check it out and let me know what you think!


Reducing the bench spots won’t increase overall spending all that much. you’re basically removing a $1-3 player from most rosters, so they don't really have a major impact on the player pricing. It will increase, as there is overall more chasing fewer players…but it’s minimal.


The idea of the article was more to highlight some really undervalued players, not to build that team and have all that left over funds. The idea was to show you how you can save funds across the board, then use that info to feel confident buying a stud or two, knowing you’re going to get great value with some specific players.

Sorry if I didn’t make that clear in the article!