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Auction Draft Strategy: Keepers and Price Inflation


Originally published at: https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/articles/auction-draft-strategy-keepers-price-inflation/

Editor’s Note: Check out all of our auction content including how to nominate, building a budget, and finding value in an auction draft. Auctions are still a niche part of fantasy football and keeper strategies for them are even nichier (was that a Mooreism?). Part of the reason is due to the major variations in…


I found this article super helpful! The league I run uses exactly this format, with the only difference being 10 teams instead of 12, and it’s so hard to find advice about this niche type of league. I have the same exact sentiment about only keeping WR and RB but I’ve never actually run the numbers of true keeper costs vs AAV cost to determine inflation ratios. Our keeper deadline was today so I can’t wait to test it out and finally win that #FootclanTitle
Thank you!


I’m glad you liked the article! Let me know how it works out wit your league!