Auction Draft Strategy

What up Gang!

I’m participating in my first ever auction draft this year and was wondering if anyone had any tips they’re willing to share?

How do you attack the draft?
-Nominate players you want and have a top $ you’d be willing to spend on them?
-Nominate players you don’t necessarily want to drive up price?
-Nominate late round players in the first few rounds to mess with people?

League set up for context:
-12 team league
-Full PPR
-Standard Roster
-6 point per TD for QB

Any advice would be appreciated! (full transparency, I’ve done little to no research on the draft process to this point)

Love y’all

The one thing I could tell you would be to be very patient. Let everyone else bid heavy early, save your money. Then pick up quality pieces later for a lot cheaper cost when everyone else is broke.

  1. Identify player values
  2. Identify players people will over pay for and submit them on your picks. Then bid that MFer up. If someone wants CMC make them pay. There are no friends in fantasy drafts.
  3. Be patient
  4. Don’t be afraid to pay for who you want, just don’t go crazy. I bought Waller for $1, would’ve paid up to $5 (year he hit)… liked L. Jackson but wouldn’t pay $5 for him even though I really like his potential (same year as Waller, Jaxs MVP year).
  5. Spend you money wisely. If you get a high priced guy, you then need to know you have to find values elsewhere to offset that purchase.