Auction Draft - Stud budget


First time doing a multicopy auction startup.
It’s a 28 team league, with 2 copies of each player. Startup auction budget is $1500.
What’s a good value to pay for studs? And how many I should target?
Format is Superflex, no D/ST, no K. (1 QB, 1 SF, 1 RB, 1 WR, 1 TE, 5 Flex)


Bumping this post. Still looking for advice.


You usually want to allocate about 90% of your budget on one player. Go for the super big running back with all you got. I assume it’s a ppr league in which case Walters warriors are going to crush you in the auction.

I’m no Auction wiz, but I think the key is to be fluid. Create a budget going into the auction and be willing to deviate if given the opportunity.

When I did a $200 dollar auction last year I started by budgeting each position (don’t necessarily use this):
5% QB
35% RB
55% WR
5% TE

During the draft, as I spent, I updated the budget to reflect what I could afford next.

Keep in mind that 1 WR could be 55% of your budget where as I had budgeted 55% for the whole position. This is where fluidity comes in. And especially if you have two copies of each player. That potentially gives you an idea on what a player will cost if you want to try to pick up the next.

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Lol I’m guessing the first guy is in your league… that’s too funny.

As for what to budget, it always depends on what you need, and what you know about your league mates. It being a super flex, with 5 flex spots after that, makes it pretty easy in my mind to allocate your funds. Focus on getting 3 good QBs, preferably on different byes, (also this could change to 4 decent QBs if you have a deep bench you can use) 2 so so RBs, and then put like 70% into WRs. They are the deepest of all the positions so bidding wars will be less. They are also the most consistent players usually. Outside of the top 10 RBs is usually a crap shoot, and most people know that so they go for big bucks. You can also think of this league as a 14 man since every player is duplicated. Which means even though you should target particular WRs to get depth, don’t over do it. Nothing like spending 25% on one player who isn’t even a top guy just to round out you WR core. You always want to keep about 5-10% of your budget for in season adds off the wire. Kinda hard to judge that though since it’s still 28 guys bidding. The main thing I can point out is to understand your team probably won’t look sexy top to bottom with so many people. But that’s ok so long as you have plenty of depth in plenty of spots. And like the guy before me said, be fluid. Watch what people are targeting and how hard they go after those players. Hell, if you want to get risky you can push people into higher bids to see what they are really targeting, or if you just know they want that player really badly. Reading the other players is very important. But also, pretty hard to do with 27 guys to watch. So keep it fluid, and keep your head on a swivel. That many players, it’s gonna be a looooong draft.

Thanks @BusterD!
Indeed, the first guy is in my league as well :slight_smile:

I think that’s great advice and in line with what I was planning. But of course, plans go out the window with the bidding starts.
The 28 guys component makes it really hard to read people, specially in the early days of the auction, since there’s no point of reference till at least 50 players are off the board.
So far it has been fun, but also extremely time consuming.

The 28 players does put an interesting wrinkle in it for sure. I have never seen a format quite like that so I would be very interested to get a snapshot of what your team looks like after. But yeah, any plan you make is out the window once it gets going. I always try to have at least 3 plans so I can switch if I see a trend going a particular way. Another fun thing to do is when it’s your turn to put a player up for auction, is to throw someone out there that you have no interest in. Gets money out of people’s pockets, making it easier to get the ones you do want. That’s a long process with that many people, but every dollar counts. I did that last year with a start up dynasty auction, and it ended up getting me a league championship cause I used my money and players I put up to auction as smart as I could. Every move you make has an effect, and I think that’s an important thing to remember. Anyway, good luck! If you remember to, get that final draft on this post! I’m very interested to see how this turns out!

Once it’s over I’ll post a screenshot.
Nominations are even crazier here. Every owner nominates one player a day (so 28 new players every day), and auction clock is 16 hours, resetting with every new higher bid. So having a strategy gets pretty tricky with 100+ players on the board at the same time.

As promised, here’s the update after the auction

I started the auction with $1500 startup, $250 rookie and $240 devy, plus 2019 rookie picks (1 to 6).
Before and during the auction, I made several trades, and the final result was this team, $0 rookie, $0 devy, my 2019.1, 2019.2, 2019.6, and another 2019.1.

I think is a pretty solid “Win Now” team, but I’m open to advice on how to improve it.