Auction draft target

Do I target Barkley, Kamara, J. Jones, or Hopkins in my PPR auction draft? I will have the option to keep this player for the next 4 years and right now i have Howard and Michael Thomas as my keepers from last year.

I would prefer to go for the RB but I’m sure they will be much more expensive and possibly more risk with them. Any thoughts?

I would target Barkley or Hopkins in that order
But it is an auction draft so you have no certainty that you will get them?? Kinda confused how you are able to keep a player that you might not even win?

In an auction you can pretty much get any player you want if your budget allows for it. It is nice because everyone is on an even playing ground and your order has nothing to do with your ability to get a player.

II’m very familiar with auction leagues been a part of one for 8+ years…