Auction keeper advice needed 2021

12 man league, .5 ppr, $200 auction, up to 3 keepers. We skipped last year so all of last years rookies will also be available, making cash on hand a bit more important. I would probably be middle of the pack for money on hand

I’m keeping Ridley for $13, but torn over my next 2, choices are

Kelce $37
Diggs $41
Hunt $11
Montgomery $33

5 of the top 10 receivers will be gone
4-5 of the top 10 RBs will be gone,
Waller and kittle will be gone.

I’m leaning Kelce, and Hunt, but might be able to trade Kelce for $8 Kyler Murray, or trade Kelce and Hunt for a $5 McLaurin

Thank you in advance for any input!