Auction Keeper Advice Needed ASAP!

What’s up everyone,

I am in a 12 team keeper league. We just switched to 1/2 point PPR this year. Last night a huge deal went down that basically resulted in Zeke and Kerryon both being kept (they were on the same team with Chubb before and you can only keep one…the guy kept Chubb and traded the other two). This means that RBs 2-6 are already kept in our league. I have the option to keep Saquon for $82 of my $200 budget. I also have Tyreek Hill for $40.

Should I keep Saquon and Hill, just Saquon or just Hill? I’m a little concerned that if I let Saquon go I’m not going to be able to get him back but he would be such a huge hit to my budget it’s hard to justify keeping him. I have to turn in my keepers today.