Auction Keeper Debate - LF Feedback

Hey #Footclan

New member, looking for a little help with an upcoming Auction Keeper League. We play where you are able to keep a player at an average of last year’s draft price and the projection valued for the current year (waivers are valued at 0, 2 player max). I’m debating a couple of options here. 0.5 PPR, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 R/W/T Flex

Note: Values may be a little dated and will be updated closer to draft but they’re OK for discussion purposes.

Players worth considering

|Player|Last Season|Projected|Keeper Value|

|Larry Fitzgerald|12|23|18|
|Adam Thielen|4|35|20|
|Leonard Fournette|41|48|45|
|Rob Gronkowski|32|36|34|
|Keenan Allen|23|43|33|
|Sammy Watkins|12|10|11|
|Chris Ivory|0|0|0|

I’m probably leaning Thielen and Allen as I feel there is a ton of value with these players (saving around strong WR2 value to get 2 locked and loaded WR1’s).

That said, reading some of the articles… is locking up Fournette to a price in the mid 40’s better? Watkins and Ivory seem like less valuable but there is a chance Ivory’s price skyrockets with Shady news? I don’t know everyone’s keepers yet but I’m expecting the following players of note to be kept for good value based on last year’s prices:

Super Kamario
M Thomas
Kareem Hunt
M Gordon
Mr. Gurley
David Johnson (maybe)

My expectation is that these value keepers will really inflate the market on the Tier 1 RB’s are that still available making Fournette potentially a good savings despite not seeming like it.

Help Ballers!

IMO - I think Thielen and Allen is the right move. Thielen value is great. Allen should be a stud. Pay up for RB(s) in the draft. It looks like there should be some available.