Auction Keeper Decision Kelce/Mixon

$200 auction budget, 3 keepers. Did well on some rookie drafts years past and need to decide on the number 3 keeper.

#1 Barkley ($6)
#2 Kamara ($6)

I can keep Mixon for $6 and lockdown RB or keep Kelce for $15. RBs are kept at a high volume. Ertz will most likely be the only TE kept, possibly Kittle. For reference, here were the top 3 available players for last year’s draft at each position.

Howard $43
McCoy $33
McKinnon $33

Gronk $40
Graham $30
Olsen $25

Mixon for $6 is a no brainer.

Yeah I agree with the Mixon selection. With the money you’re saving with your RBs, you can offer more to get Kelce on your team again or go for elite WRs. In keeper auction leagues, RBs are the common keeper, meaning the one’s available are going stupid high priced. So with your RBs locked, you can save money and spend it elsewhere. Nominate RBs early in the draft so people spend their money early on a position you don’t need.