Auction Keeper Decision

3 Keeper League - Auction Draft.

You can keep anyone at the price they were drafted in the previous year. Starting with a $200 budget.

My options:
Zeke $67
Dez $49
Jeffrey $37
Gronk $21
Jordy $2
Eifert $3
Abdullah $3
Woodhead $1

Its shaping up to look like no major RBs will be in the draft, other than the incoming rookies and 1 of Gurley or McCoy.

All top WRs will be kept as well except for ODB.

I’m leaning Gronk for value and Jordy (no brainer at $2). Having trouble with my last pick.


Woodhead for $1 is very nice.

Is it a PPR? If so I would definitely go Woodhead. If no PPR I would lean Abdullah.

I think Dez and Jeffrey will both go for less this year. Eifert is a steal as well but you definitely need RB help and you don’t want to back up injury prone Gronk with injury pron Eifert IMO.

I would let Zeke go. I don’t think anyone would spend $67 on him. You might be able to get him back cheaper this year and stash him for late in the year and next year but that is just my opinion.

If you kept Jordy, Woodhead, and Gronk you only are out $24 bucks and could probably outbid anyone for Gurley or McCoy.


Standard scoring.

Even with the standard scoring I’m still leaning woodhead. At least he’s shown in the past he can be a consistent RB for an entire season and based on ADP I think he’s the better value vs Abdullah.

I should’ve included this in the earlier post but prices for big name players tend to be inflated vs normal auction leagues. Given studs are being kept at their rookie prices for example Evans $2, Hopkins $2, Jordy (ACL) $2, Jordan Howard $1, Lamar Miller $4, etc… So people have more money to spend in a shallow pool of players.

That being said I think I’m between Woodhead, Dez and Dullah.

Gronk and Jordy Nelson no question… Both will cost more than that at a draft.

Abdullah and wood head are a toss up to me… If I had to make a choice I’d prob say wood head. But either is good value in the draft.

Everyone else IMO will go for less than the prices you listed above at the draft… I’ve done 2 auction keeper drafts in the last 2 weeks. So thats what I would do

Thanks for the feedback. We’re not drafting for a little while so I can benefit from seeing both Woodie and Ameer in preseason action.

Do your auction keeper leagues follow the same type of keeper formula? That is, only drafted players are keeper eligible and the previous year’s price is the price you can keep them for? Interested in getting some feedback in that area.


How our league does it…

FA - Can never be kept… You can use them during the season to help you win a championship but there is very little strategy in picking players off the waiver wire so we don’t allow them to be kept… Now a free agent is anyone who is on the waiver wire for even 1 sec… So if you draft drew bees and drop him during the season… Even if you pick him back up off waivers he is still not allowed to be kept.

Now if your league doesn’t want to go that route and wants to keep FA or doesn’t want to go the strict route of players drafted and dropped and then picked back up … I would decide on a set price… Like all FA are $15-$20 seems like a fair price.

We have a 0-3 keeper policy and a 3 year max… So drafted in 2016, can be kept in 2017 and 2018… Then 2019 back into the draft…
This has worked really nice… As like OBJ was drafted in 2015 and kept…all the years But next draft (2018) he is back in the draft and he is still in his prime. So even though 1 team had 2-3 great years with him… Whomever drafts him next year will still get a great player.

I think a Max of 3 years on your team is plenty for players.

The way we price keepers in our league is 30% on top of what he was drafted for.

So David Johnson was drafted for $65 in 2016… If you want to keep him in 2017 you have to pay $85…no one is going to do that so studs stay in the draft usually…

But I did draft ajayi for $1 last year…
Now our league follows this money rule
Players drafted $1-$4 automatically get bumped up to $5 for keeper purposes. $5-$180 is face value.

So ajayi for $1 gets bumped up to $5 + 30% = $7 so I got to keep ajayi for $7 this year … In 2018 if I want to keep him I got to take $7 +30% for $9 and one more year in 2019 $9+30% =$12.

So I am getting go value there…

There are tons of ways to set your league up but that’s how we do it and it has been really good for the last 3 years.

Let me know if you have anymore questions.