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Auction - Keeper dilema - Thomas vs. Zeke


Similar to the post regarding Michael Thomas and Jay Ajayi, I have a similar dilema regarding whether to keep Michael Thomas for $2 or Ezekiel Elliot for $20.
League Format: 12 team / PPR / Auction Draft $100 Budget/ can keep for 3 seasons total.
QB, WR, WR, RB, TE, W/R, W/R, W/R/TE - starting lineups.
RBs will be in heavy demand this year. I already anticipate Ajayi will be kept for $2, Melvin Gordon will be kept for $7, Le’Veon or David Johnson will be kept (same owner), Jordan Howard will be kept for $2.
May be a no-brainer to keep Thomas at this price, but for whatever reason, Zeke for $20 seems like a steal, considering that he will go for close to $30 - I just hate keeping someone that high…Please let me know what y’all think / and/or - tell me i am an idiot for even considering not keeping Thomas for $2


You more than likely will start more than one RB with the flex spots, but the way the league is set up you only need to start 1 at worst case scenario. With Thomas you are essentially getting a free numbre 1 WR, which will allow you to then simply bid more on Bell/David Johnson or Zeke come draft day with the money you saved.

Lets assume Zeke goes for $30 and Thomas might go in the $15-20 range having both following the draft will have cost you $45 to $50 as opposed to to $32 if you keep Thomas for $2.


stole the words right out of my mouth. thomas is such a value at 2, that who cares what you spend on one of the top guys? thomas could even go in the 30$ range. i have seen him go just as high so to get him for next to free? im laughing to the bank.


What they said…


Thanks for the comments and insight - Rolling with Thomas