Auction Keeper Help

10 team auction league, $200 budget with some incentives that can boost that another $2 to $10. We can keep up to 3 players with only one player from each position (QB, RB, WR, TE). I’m keeping Gurley for $33 (could keep Alex Collins for $7 but saving at least $17 on Gurley is attractive). Should I also keep Russell Wilson for $12 (and not draft another QB) or Alex Smith for $2 (and draft another QB in the $5 to $7 range)? I also need to decide between Marvin Jones and Sterling Shepard - each costing $2 to keep. I worry about Wilson as the Seahawks did nothing to bolster the receiving corps nor did they do much to the o-line. However that hasn’t stopped him in the past. Thanks in advance!

Def keep gurley for $33 no question.

Then i would skip the QB position and just go to the draft.

I love both Sterling and Marvin Jones for $2 but if i had to pick one I’d go Jones.

So gurley and Jones for me!

Marvin jones and gurley as keepers no brainer. Collins is meh.

Normally I don’t keep QBs ever given how deep the class is but in auction format, 5-6% budget for a top 3 QB doesn’t seem like the worst thing.