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Auction Keeper Price Check


200 budget 1/2 ppr … keep 0-3…12 team

Keeper Options
Zeke -50 Not with a six gsme suspension, maybe if it was 2…
AJ green-46. Im thinking no, but scared of if I put him back in and he is the only stud receiver on the open market, that it could in turn drive his price higher and then would be kicking myself
M Thomas-10 i think this is obvious
Gillislee-10 like the upside and lower price than if he was on the open market. Still some risk, but low price to compensate
Crowell-10 i think this is a no brainer
Tevin Coleman🎶 -6. Love the price. Has to be regression coming on some of his 2016 numbers.

What would you do. Curious to see what people think…


Any thoughts?


Thomas, Gillislee & Crow would be tough to beat for the price.