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Auction Keeper question


I’m in a 12 person auction keeper league: Is keeping Andrew Luck at a price of $11 worth paying to keep him? I really wanted to operate under the value/late (in draft leagues) QB strategy but I have a feeling that this is such a good value and I shouldn’t pass it up. Thoughts?


What is your budget? My league drafts with $200 and I’d for sure take Luck for $11.


Ours is $200 also. Do you feel like that’s to that certain point where the value of the QB outweighs the strategy of holding off on a QB because there is value elsewhere in RBs and WRs?


It helps to know the others in your league and their drafting habits. Each year I look at the last two years of our draft to look for certain trends on how people bid, and how the talent gets spread across the board. If you can, look at last year’s draft and see how much QB’s went for.

If you pass on Luck and settle for someone like Dalton or Rivers for $5, ask yourself where you could spend that extra $6. If you’re going to get a WR3 for $7 instead of a $1 bench spot I don’t think it’d be worth it. If you think that those extra $6 could help you land a top 3 WR or RB then it might be worth considering.

For my money, I’m taking Luck for $11.