Auction Keeper Start-up Question

I am in a new start-up 12-tm, PPR Auction League. This league will allow 3 keepers to be kept unlimited years at their draft or FAAB value, if picked up during the season. I am wondering which players should I be targeting whose value is likely to increase in the future? For example, DJ Moore or Calvin Ridley have a decent chance to be worth more than the $1-2 they are going for this season. There are 2 IR slots, so I am also thinking of drafting and stashing H. Henry for the season. Is this poor use of my bench spots? Just trying to think long-term when many of my opponents may only be taking this years value into account.

Still focus alot on this draft as the future is uncertain… Don’t reach for anyone… But after starters and a few backups are locked up target some upside future guys.

But it also sounds like you can keep guys off the waiver wire for the same price you pick them up for… So you could even wait a few weeks and then pick up some guys.

I’d Draft Henry with last pick… Then slap him on IR next day and pick someone else up off waivers

Get DJ Moore, James Washington cheap or off waivers.

Josh Gordon and Mark Ingram as well on the cheap as there value could def rise huge next year.

Just pick some guys you like and target late