Auction Keeper Strategy

PPR 12 team league, +$5 keeper premium, 2 keepers per team. 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 FLEX

Saquon keeper price $74
K Drake keeper price $15
JJacobs keeper price $44

Which two should I keep? I think Drake is a no-brainer but I’m having a tough time deciding between Saquon and Jacobs.

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I think you gotta go Drake and Jacobs. Saquon is too pricy. Getting two quality RBs in Drake and Jacobs at $59 is great. You’re not breaking the bank and still getting two top 12 guys. You will be able to spend a little extra on an elite WR or depth pieces later on without having to worry as much about your RB position.

I thought about that, but isn’t WR wide open compared to RB? My gut agrees with you but I’m second guessing because, well, Saquon.

You gotta go with your gut. I just think you’re getting a lotta value with the pair of RBs you’re getting, as opposed to just one RB who will be a lot pricier.