Auction Keepers

I have recently taken over a team in a 3-Keeper Auction league. This year Zeke, CMC, Devante Adams, and Hopkins cannot be kept, so I expect there to be some big budgets.

I’ve been cooling on Aaron Jones and I have been strongly considering taking 3 WR’s and then blowing most of my budget (planning $65/ea) for Zeke & CMC, leaving me with $11.00 max bid.

Can you help me pick the best three players and then provide any advice on what to aim for in the draft?

($200 budget)
Aaron Jones $27
Stefan Diggs $23
Allen Robinson $18
Dj Moore $18
Calvin Ridley $17
Raheem Mostert $15
Robert Woods $13

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Woods, Jones, (Moore OT robinson depending who you have more faith in) I probably lean Moore personally

I ain’t made it. That’s a unique strategy. I worry about your depth a little bit. It’s always a gamble though playing fantasy :football:. The 3 WR approach isn’t bad considering you’re not high on Jones anymore. Good luck.