Auction League Freshman

Any advice for me as I attempt to commish an auction league? I’ve been running our redraft for awhile, and this year we’re going to try a separate auction league. None of us have been in one before.

What platform are you using? Is everyone local where you can do it in person?

I was thinking of doing a slow draft via and then inputting the results on Sleeper. We’re mostly local, but doing it this way to avoid scheduling conflicts. Plus, a little extra time during the auction might be helpful to us noobs…I think.

that sounds like a decent option. Slow email auction drafts on MFL are much different than live auctions though. As commish you will either need to control who is up for auction or do a free for all and any owner can put a player up for bid at any time.

I would suggest doing it live though, it shouldnt take you more than 3 hours tops and thats assuming everyone always takes the timer to its max.

I’m going to 2nd the suggestion of doing it live if you can. It’s an amazing experience, and one you’ll want to have. We’re entering the 4th season of our auction league and it’s everyone’s favorite draft. If you do end up going the live route, just make sure you get an independent person to be the auctioneer. It keeps everything running smoothly and off your plate.