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Auction League Keeper - $200 Budget


$200 Budget, 14 team, 2 keeper auction standard league. 1QB / 2RB / 2WR / 1TE / FLEX / 1K / 1DEF / 6 Bench.

I will keep David Johnson for $10, so which of the below (pick 1) would you keep?

Mike Evans - $15
Pierre Garcon - $5
Dontrelle Inman - $5
Isaiah Crowell - $10
Mike Gillislee - $5


For me it’s Evans or Crowell, whichever one you more want to be part of your team. You’re saving a ton of money already on those guys, no need to compare the difference between 10 and 15 dollars when you’ll still have 80 to 90% of your budget to spend on other players.
Side note- I’m sure you already know how to do an auction draft, but if you want Pierre Garcon or Dontrelle Inman again don’t bring them up until the end of the draft if possible. When other people are light on money and you have some left to spend you might be able to pick them back up for a reasonable price.


Thanks so much. Absolutely agree on your late-draft strategy. Evans is most savings vs ADP, leaning that way, plus Antonio is being put back in the pool this year.


It’s Evans for me. He would bring 40 plus on the open market.


i go crowell, have your 1 2 punch at RB set, then get you some top flight WRs with all the money you save. spending 10% of your salary to jump start a DAMN good run game? yes please. sure the return on evans is great, but who cares when you have 180 bucks to go get some top end WRs. you could spend 40 bucks a WR (including flex spot) and still have 60 left over for your QB, TE, K, and DST. i wouldnt recomend that lol, but you could do it. now i wouldnt blame you at all for spendin the extra 2.5% of your cap to go get you your top flight WR. this is just what i would do.