Auction League Keeper, who would you keep?

I get 2 keepers. I’m keeping j Howard for cheap, but I’m not sure who to keep between d Cook and d Hopkins. I will keep one of them at close to draft value, but they would both go for more than auction value due to it being a keeper league. A good chunk of the keepers are RB, so I’m leaning towards Cook, but he doesn’t have the history of Hopkins so I’m a little worried about season long production. Who would you keep and why?

What is your budget for the draft?

What are the exact $$ amounts for cook and Hopkins.

That will better help me answer

  1. I keep cook for 36 or Hopkins for 46. Basically their avg auction cost, but those numbers will go up due to keepers thinning the pool. It looks like cook may be the #1 rb available due to keepers also. Plus half the owners are from Minnesota, further driving the asking price up. Hopkins with Watson though…

@WinnerIsComing that def helps… Could you list the few RBs that will be available and not be kept and do you know where you will be drafting?

Honestly I’d keep Hopkins in this case. And with Latavius getting work it’s hard to say how much he’ll cut into Cook’s workload.

It’s an auction, so there’s not really an order. I believe that fornette (sp?) Would be the only other top 12ish rb if I don’t keep cook

Oh duh. It says auction in the title my bad.

Yeah with an auction I think you can go Hopkins. As you have a shot of any other RB.
You already have a low end RB1 with Howard and then a WR1 in Hopkins is great

And let your mates bid up cook at a huge increase…

If your allowed to trade before the draft I would maybe shop cook around to those min fans.

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Didn’t consider that, let another team remove itself from contention by over paying for cook…interesting

Hopkins for me. He’s in a totally different tier for me than Cook. I think Vikings will be more of a committee than you think with Murray.