Auction League Keepers Pick 2

12 team .5 PPR
$200 Auction Budget Need to keep 2

JuJu - $33
Michael Thomas - $37
Robert Woods - $13
Austin Ekler - $4

JuJu and Thomas seem like the obvious pick up, but costly. If Gordon holds out then Ekler could become an RB 1 for $4. And Woods would be a really good value at $13.

woods and juju/Thomas (pick the one you like better) are the keepers for me the drop from Juju or thomas to woods isn’t significant and you would be freeing up $20+ to spend big on another player like a top tier RB. Keep the known commodity there is no guarantee ekler is the solo guy if Gordon sits or how long gordon sits.

Robert Woods that cheap is almost impossible to pass up for me. It comes down to whether you prefer JuJu or Michael Thomas at that point. I’d prefer MT.