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Auction League Rookie


Hey FantasyFootballers.

I will be a first-timer in an Auction League this year. I want some advice regarding draft strategy, budget allocation, early player targeting and stuff you think would be helpful.

I was thinking I should nominate expensive players that I’m not targetting early. This would make people spend their money and I would then have leverage, right?

I’m open to any thoughts.


Check the articles. There is a great read on Auction draft nomination strategies.


I’ve read a couple of them. Based on what I’ve read I’m making an Excel with players to target and budget allocation per position.


In the early rounds, yes. I like to nom players who I do not wish to target but who are going to take money off the board.

In the middle rounds I tend to nom players who are ranked slightly BELOW the guy I’m looking to get. Example: if I’m targeting Demaryius Thomas, I might nominate A Rob, Keenan Allen or Brandin Cooks. This will force someone to spend money AND fill a roster spot for a position that you are targeting, making them less likely to bid on your guy. Unexperienced auction drafters will spend more money on guys nominated early, the best values are in rounds 4-6.

In the middle rounds you can also pay attention to the amount of money each team has left. If someone has a lot of money, nominate to what their needs are. This can help to get the funds close to even across the board and avoid them price enforcing on one of your targets. That being said, only do this once or twice each draft. At the end of the day, you’re drafting for your team.

BE PATIENT! Go into the draft with a few targets and don’t pull the trigger until someone else nominates them. It’s easy to throw bids around when a player looks like a good deal, but you could find yourself in a bidding war that you unexpectedly win. If there is someone who you don’t want on your team but think is going too low, be very careful if you’re going to price enforce (I got stuck with Alshon Jeffrey in a mock draft this weekend because I tried to price enforce).

Most importantly - Do lots and lots of mock drafts, and approach them differently. If you’re headstrong on getting Julio Jones and pay top dollar for him in your mocks, do a couple more but leave him alone. See what your Plan B might end up looking like if on draft day your league bids differently than the mocks.


Great feedback @AdamRich84!

Thanks a lot mate.