Auction league trade TILTING HELP

I have David Johnson

Wrs are
Mike Williams

So I’m dying at reciever. 3wr and flex league so right now with Baldwin our I’m really hurting. I’m 0-2 and I’m tilting

Got offered Keenan Allen and crow for David Johnson. And I’m considering it to fill out my roster… help me am I insane? I can’t win with these wrs and no one is deep about to trade me it seems.

I think you would be fine taking that trade, and I probably would take it too.

That said if you started Kupp, Williams and Westbrook you probably were ok at WR today. There’s going to be plenty of WR’s that come up on the waiver wire that can contribute too over the course of the season.

What about Barkley and Kupp for Antonio brown?

You can probably get Barkley for AB straight up. Don’t know if you can do Kupp as well given he is likely currently your teams best WR.

Wouldn’t mind this although I’d ask for someone other than Crow. I don’t want to own that back field at all, especially when he is not really the pass catcher there. RBBCs on bad teams are not ideal.