Auction League Website Suggestions

For years now my uncle has updated and maintained a custom auction website. We play in a league in which we keep seven players from the previous year’s auction. We usually have an extended auction where five players go up for auction each day, and everyone has 24 hours to put in bids. After the 24 hours are over the highest bidders receiver their player and a new 5 players go up for auction. This draft typically takes 3 weeks or so to complete. We are no longer using the website because it became too much to maintain. We are currently trying to find any website that can support an auction that spans several weeks and allows for several players to be on the bidding table at once. Does anyone know of or have any suggestions? We tried one website last year that was not the most user friendly and are still looking for a more intuitive UI for non-tech savvy individuals. We only need the website for the draft because we still import all our players into ESPN afterward.

You might try RealitySportOnline… RSO

Looks interesting, but we only need a place for drafting. The subscription fee associated with the site would be a little steep considering it would only be used for the draft portion of our season. Thanks for the suggestion!