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Auction league


Would love to join any auction league ASAP


I have 2 spots remaining in a $65 Auction draft on Sunday Sept 3rd if it is of interest to you.


Yes I would be very interested in joining



Here is the league link. You’ll be able to view all the settings and payouts on the msg board. If its a league you’d like to be part of, the leaguesafe link is also on the msg board.

Let me know if you got any questions



In would very much like to join however being based in the UK I able unable to use Leaguesafe. In my other league I was able to PayPal the commissioner to add this for me manually. If I was able to do that here I would join in a heartbeat.


I can do that for you, not a problem at all. If you want to join league and make sure everything works for you first. Let me know afterwards and we can make arrangements for the payment


Have joined the league thank you! How can I make payment? Thanks again


Great! Welcome to the league!

If you want to send it via paypal using my account : paypal.me/Ranallo634

Amount 66.95 US dollars.
League fee 65 + 4% charged by leaguesafe fee.

I will then make the payment on your behalf on the leaguesafe link and you will be able to confirm and see all the payments using our leaguesafe link on the leagues message board


Have sent the payment through. Looking forward to the draft.


Got it! Thank you very much Andre

I’ve never paid for someone else on leaguesafe so can’t guarantee yet what I am offering you will work. But if I am able too, is there an email address of yours you’d like me to enter in order to give you the chance to vote when I release the money at end of the season?

Will make your payment once I get home tonight.


Just realized something, the amount was sent in Canadian dollars (66.95 CAD) However leaguesafe uses US dollars & the buy in with the 4% leaguesafe fee comes to 66.95 USD. Could you please send the difference either in US or Canadian please.

I used an online converting site. In CAD the total would be 83.98.


I have sent remaining difference :slight_smile:


Fantastic :slight_smile: Thank you very much!

I am on the computer at the moment. If you could shoot me your email address I will make the payment on leaguesafe for you.

Thanks !


hey Marky8, I noticed on the thread you may have an open spot. If so can I join your auction league


Hey @BRUCE_E !

Got one last unpaid spot! Here is the league link if you want to check it out


If you have any questions let me know.

Payout details can be seen on the msg board.

If you want to join us, the leaguesafe link can also be found on the board.




Hey Mark it’s youareasellout@hotmail.co.uk


Perfect! Your payment has been entered on leaguesafe. I placed it under the email listed above!

Welcome to the league & see you at the draft :slight_smile: