Auction Question

For a 16 team auction league should we raise the $200 salary to $250 or leave it as is?

Not to sound rude but does it really matter? I would think you guys would still use relatively the same percentage of the budget for said player.

Player A goes for 20% of budget of 200 so $40

Player A goes for 20% of budget of 250 so $50

Leave at $200, slightly easier to do percentage math for us public school folk

I would just stick with $200. Whether you have 10 or 16 teams. That always seems like a good base number for auctions.

I ask because we play on ESPN, and with a 16 team league the set $ values for players skyrockets. For example, in a 12 team league McCaffrey’s value is at $69 where as in a 16 team league it’s all the way up to $87. I’m also playing with 3-4 people that haven’t done an auction so I though raising the budget an extra $50 would be helpful.

I am guessing that if you had apple to apples when comparing a $250 budget with 12 teams vs $250 budget for 16 teams you are going to see a similar spike in CMC’s worth. The top tier RBs are a finite list. Moving from 12 teams to 16 teams simply makes them worth more b/c more people are needing one. Just my very basic application of supply/demand which I believe could be the cause of what you are seeing at the $200 budget spike from 12 teams to 16.

Would love to get your thoughts on my post about an auction league I am in.