Auction Strategy: Nomination Targets for 2019 (Fantasy Football)

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The nomination process is one of the most overlooked, underappreciated aspects of auction drafts. The majority of fantasy owners are focused on their player rankings and budget plans, allowing the nomination process to fall by the wayside until draft day. The nomination process is one of the most important aspects of “winning” an auction draft.…


I will say, having been in a live in person auction league for several years now that live vs. online auction drafts almost deserve their own article for the difference, but I’m sure that in a long running league with rivalries and such going on. SOMETIMES nomination strategy that goes against the “nominate guys you don’t want” strategy is something a lot of experienced auction guys are doing. Obviously this works most for the first few rounds but nominating a guy you want with a reasonable price in mind…also obviously can get you a deal.

Last year I was first to nominate an RB, so I nominated most people’s #2 #3 guy in David Johnson. And I went and GOT that dude. Only ended up spending like 57 bucks, because it became obvious I was serious and people were worried about getting bid into the 70’s and left there. Didn’t work out that he ended up @ 10 on the year. But I think Zeke ended up going for like 72 bucks or something ridiculous like that. BUT after I did that I had control of the auction room, I would nominate guys and people would think they could bid me up and I left people with some bad guys later on which was met with some anger from the guy and laughter from the rest.

Perhaps a strategy could be as long as you are first to nominate someone in a tier and just get em sometimes you’ll get the cheapest guy of the tier.

First year I have tried auction drafting. I love it. Wish the Footballers had more interest in it.

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Need more auction draft content, especially auction values based on custom scoring, which really stinks you cant get altered auction values for 10 team PPR leagues.


There are two Mike Williams, and a Mike Thomas that many will mistake for Michael Thomas. Nominate them early for good times. I used to nominate the other Adrian Peterson that played for the Bears, he got up to $50 one year.

Deliciously evil! We had another D Johnson go for a ton, the other D Williams might get some bids this year too :wink:

This is not a strategy that I would recommend, in any league format.

In a league with remotely savvy owners, you will end up wasting the nomination and getting stuck with this useless player for $1. Then you’ll end up immediately using FAAB to drop them and acquire a waiver add.

Where this might work is in a family or work league with a bunch of people who have no idea who these players are in the first place; but then you’ll just really irk people for being “that guy” that is trying to screw people over.

I don’t agree. You end up waking up the people who aren’t paying attention, in some leagues that’s necessary to wake up some people…

I love when people tell me something won’t work when ive been doing it successfully for years. Its like you believe your imagination is more reliable than reality. I agree that its an asshole thing to do but I do it in $ leagues and have never ever been stuck with that player. Please lower the value of your imagination.

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I didn’t say it won’t catch someone off guard, just that it won’t work on a savvy owner. There can always be Someone asleep at the wheel that may get trigger happy and make a mistake. If it works for you, more power to you. Would love to see the results of a money league where this actually worked.
But again, just not something I would ever recommend to the masses in a strategy article.

Getting “stuck” with most if not all the players he mentioned would still return value for $1.

Mike Thomas on the Rams has zero value in fantasy. Getting stuck with him because you tried to get cute does nothing but waste a roster spot and early season waiver funds when you inevitably drop him.
There is only 1 Mike Williams currently showing on the ESPN app and TE David Johnson is no longer in the league. There just are not enough examples of this working with any effectiveness.

However, if it works in your league and you want to do this, go for it! It’s your team, have fun with it!