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Auction Strategy: The “All-Value” Team


Originally published at: https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/articles/auction-strategy-value-team/

Through my first two auction focused articles, I’ve covered how to take advantage of the nomination process to acquire value at the various positions. In the budget building article, I highlighted some inefficiencies in the stock draft platform rankings/AAVs (Average Auction Value) compared to the Ballers’ rankings/AAVs featured in the Ultimate Draft Kit. In this…


I have been involved with Fantasy Football for 24 years with the Snake Draft Full PPR format, this year we are changing over to the Auction Draft Full PPR format. The mindset is completely different! Our draft is next Saturday, and I want to be a sponge for new auction draft strategies, so I can be prepared. This article has been very helpful. I need to read the previous article. Thank you!


I wrote 4 different articles on Auction strategies! Make sure you check out my writers page to see links to all of them!