Auction tonight, thoughts?

12 team, standard league. I have 2 keepers, zeke for 67 and tyreek for 25…I kept zeke in part because all the other top backs besides DJ and Saquon were kept. I’m trying to decide if I should go all in on another stud RB or spread the wealth out a bit. I’m above average active for this league in terms of waiver and trades, so part of me thinks I can make up for having a bunch of $1-3 players if I go $70+ on DJ.


I would not go 70 plus.
I got Kareem hunt and Barkley for $87 in one league.
63 would be my limit on bell or Gurley and 61 on DJ
So much value in mud rounds. I went too heavy. I already had David Johnson and Kareem hunt (for 43 and 61)
But when I saw Barkley about to go for 43 I had to put a bid in

Wait you would have zeke, David Johnson and tyreke? Wow. Do it lol

Yeah, haha. I did a mock auction thru footballguys and the weekly average point projection put me at 3rd place out of 12 with a roster of zeke/saquon/hill and a bunch of bargain bin guys.

I think if I can get Jordan Howard for 20-25 bucks under what DJ will go I’ll do that and then use that savings to get a legit WR2

I had a similar Auction keeper experience lately. In that scenario my leaguemates were able to keep most of the top RB’s in the 50’s range. This left only Barkley and Fournette (who I could have kept for 40ish) the only top backs available.
All RB’s in the top 15 went like wildfire. Barkley went for 75 and Fournette for 63 (doh!). In these situations, if you really want another top RB be preparred to pay way more than suggested price.

Instead I ended up going after a lot of the upside RB2’s (Lynch, Mixon, Miller, Lewis) in the 15-20$ range while taking value on top 12 receivers.

Happy drafting.

I think you’re getting a legit WR2 on top of Howard, if you’re getting DJ.