Auction Who Would You Keep

10 Team, PPR, Keep 3, $200

  1. Kamara ($2) Check

  2. Chubb ($1) Check

  3. Tyler Boyd ($5) ?
    Calvin Ridley ($5) ?
    James White ($8)?
    Kelce ($30)?

Kelce would not be a bad move. So much value with 1&2 why not. Boyd is good value and should be consistent for a few weeks. Ridley is the better talent but the hammy issue. James White not seeing it without an injury in the backfield.

Leaning towards Boyd. WR2, healthy and frees up coin to get another primo RB. Bell is available. I could have 3 RB1’s no problem with my bag of coin with money to spare getting good mid round players and maybe Kelce.

I see it similar to you I think, Kelce is ok at that price because of the value you’re getting at the orher two spots but I’d probably go Boyd and haveba bag of cash to spend on a top RB/WR combo.

Get someone like Engram/Henry/Vance or even Kelce if you can cheap enough.

I think this is the correct approach. Get another RB1 and a WR1. Fill the rest of the roster with mid level $10-15 players. It would take some serious good fortune to beat a team constructed this way or misfortune on my part. On paper though, I would cringe having to play a team like this.