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AUS - Startup Dynasty League (10-12 team, 1PPR)

Bonjour footclan,

We’re three mates from Sydney, Australia who’ve played in the same redraft league for 7 years and keen to start a new dynasty league. Preference for people in a similar timezone (Australia/NZ) but happy for anyone from around the globe who’s going to be an asset to the league. Looking for 10-12 teams total who are active and keen to follow through.

Format will be:

  • $0 buy in
  • Sleeper App platform
  • 1PPR
  • 1QB, 1SF, 2RB, 2WR, 3/4FLX, 0K, 0DST, 8BENCH, 2IR, 5TAXI
  • $100 FAAB
  • Combined vet and rookie draft
  • Pending on leaguemate locations, we’ll work out what draft works format works best
  • Playoff format to be by league vote
  • All settings will be reviewed by team votes each year



Oi mate,

Count me in if you still need someone.

Located in Perth.

Let me know how you go.

@CoachTaylor82 on sleeper

Thanks mate. 4 down, 6-8 to go. Let us know if you know anyone else keen.

Hey mate I may have 3 peeps if your keen, same situation been redrafting for 7 years I’ll hit them up and get back to ya!

Yeah man, sounds good

Yup got 3 of us we down in melbs


7 spots filled, need 3-5 more teams.