Austin Ekeler Booming

Has anyone else been watching this guy?! I mean he’s 5’9 and breaking tackles left and right. It takes multiple guys to bring him down. Also, his speed and acceleration looks unreal. He has looked far more dynamic then at least 90% of current backs. SOMEBODY GET THIS MAN THE BALL

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As a charger’s fan (sadly), it was great to see him be productive and have most of the snaps. Now that Gordon is back, I feel as though the team has regressed, but whenever Ek has the ball, he tries to do the most. Very talented back

As ex chargers fan (prior to move) agreed. I’ve been watching Gordon since he’s came back and it has been so bad. The only meaningful run he had against the Titans was a wide open hole (which when he takes contact, he fumbles and luckily recovers it).

I hope they trade either back cause I really like watching Ekeler with the ball in his hands. He’s looked more electric then some big name guys thus far

I’ve been a fan since the san diego era (about 2004 is when I started watching them). Loved LT and how electric the defense was. They lost their identity by moving to LA imo. I agree with you, but I’d rather see them move Gordon. He’s a free agent this summer, and is gunna walk away for free, so if I were the charger’s front office, I’d try to get a package for Gordon and ship him out, and maybe even think about “tanking” tbh. Everybody is getting hurt. I believe 9+ guys are on IR, so I don’t see the point of trying to make a playoff run, other than pride and just trying

Ya Gordon would make sense. They just need adjust expectations cause no one is gonna pay a first rounder and the massive salary that Gordon wants next year. It’d be awesome if they could get a lineman.

I don’t think Lynn ends up tanking cause if he loses anymore they’re probably tossing him. They’re just on a tight timeline w/ rivers getting up there in age.