Austin Ekeler for Miles Sanders

This is a half PPR league. I have Ekeler. He is not a starter for me, but I am also looking for depth in that position. Giving too much or asking for too much?

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is this a dynasty or a redraft league?

Right now on NFC ADP Ekeler is 87 and Sanders is 79. So in ADP they are close. I think it would be a fair redraft trade, however most would likely prefer the Sanders side. There is a lot of risk with Ekeler. If Gordon comes back week 1 than his value will plummet.

For dynasty though, another story. At DLF Sander ADP is 58 and Ekeler is 110. I don’t think any educated dynasty player would be willing to part with Sanders for Ekeler.

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hard to argue with what willis said. reddraft, its close. they both have really good upside. they both have a lot of risk involved. both are on really good offenses, with really good Ds. but only one of the 2 you wont have to worry about someone coming in and making him basically worthless except to flex. so me personally, i would want miles. which is weird because i do think eckler will be a force for the first 6 weeks or so until gordon comes back. the only thing that kinda has me paused is… if gordon comes back. if they trade gordon, i want eckler way more.

If Eckler/ Sanders will be a flex I say ride Eckler. I don’t see The Philly backfield producing a 3 down back this year since J Howard is already paid for. Even when Gordon comes back (week 8) Eckler still has value