Avg Score per week

if you guys had access to the avg score of any given roster spot (my league was 14.6 for example) would you want that to be a cumulative avg accounting for every week as we move forward through the season or just a weekly avg that only deals with the 10 rosters set that week. Id ask my league but I was gonna surprise them with my passion project and was just looking for opinions thanks!

It’s not clear what your question is.

yea I was struggling trynna word it too

I have the total points scored in the league(1316) divided by the amount of starters allowed a week(90).
as we move into week 2 would it make more sense to add week 1 to week 2’s totals. and then dividing that by 180. Week 3 I would add all 3 weeks and divide by 270, and so on.
Would the average score per player make more sense including previous weeks for a season total, or just a weekly total instead?
(sidenote; I go through at the end of each week and color code the totals based on each starter compares to the average)

I still don’t see the point. Looks like a lot of busywork that provides essentially zero information. Who cares what the average score across positions is? How does that help anyone? And if you know how the information can help you, that might inform whether weekly averages or an overall average would be of more use to you–but they both seem pretty useless to me.