Avoid Crowell?

So I was offered Crowell for Sammy Watkins. I’m struggling a bit at rb with injuries (AP, Brieda). I’m decent at rb (kupp, Corey davis, Sammy, keke, Marvin Jones). My other RBs are Hines, Freeman, Ronald Jones. I know everyone is saying to avoid Crowell but will he be helping my team here? I’m 1-4 so I really need a win. Full ppr

If you need a RB I think that’s a fair deal. Both are guys you can’t really play every week. You are just going to have to look at match ups and decide which weeks you think it’s worth it. Only draw back is I am more confident in Sammy in that situation because it’s a much better offense.

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i think you should take it.


i would take it, Crowell’s booms are game breaking so I would bet on him having a killer week

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As a crowell owner and having missed everyone of his blowups at the point where might have to start him. As much as I don’t love it he’s consistently getting about 15 touches a game and has has 3 really good games. Would probably do that trade much easier to find wideouts on the waiver wire

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Thanks guys. I still haven’t decided because now I’m fielding other offers for other WRs. But thanks for the input