Axe this Manager?

Competitive money league. I’ve got a manager who has left injured/bye players in thier lineup two of the last three weeks (left Sanders in Thursday night despite being designated as out on Wednesday). I’ve got a previous manager willing to step in and manage thier team. Do I give a final warning or just axe them? Thanks-

Final warning. I’m not big on kicking people out mid year. Replace in the offseason, and monitor his team for the rest of this season. Sucks no matter what you choose to do.

Best case scenario is:

A) Final warning, hope he shapes up
B) Final warning, he wants to bail midseason and the new owner is cool with coming in midseason.
C) Boot the owner after the warning, lock his team, and bring someone new in next season. You as commissioner go in each week and set his optimal lineup but make no transactions.

Give him a final warning and let option C be the case if he doesn’t shape up.