AZ WRs that arent Fitz

The 3 key non-Fitz AZ receivers are Jaron Brown, John Brown, and JJ Nelson. It’s hard to compare them due to injuries they’ve had so far this season, as well as my limited understanding of their roles in their offenses, due to my lack of watching Cardinals games.

Can someone who watches these three frequently clue me in to their roles, their upsides, and their consistency? Based on the stats I gathered, they’re fairly close in many aspects.

Below are the per game averages of each player in .5ppr, not including games where the player didn’t play due to injury. Jaron missed week 1, JJ got hurt week 3, John missed weeks 2 and 3.

Targets Receptions Yards TDs Points

Jaron 8.75 4.25 61 0.25 9.725

JJ 5.75 4.25 69.25 0.5 11.9

John 8 3 35 .33 7.33

I acknowledge that the sample size may be too small for these numbers to mean enough. Thus, any insights concerning these three would be appreciated.