B-b-but Andy? Draft Results: Jason A+, Andy C+, what the heck?

I just did a mock draft at draft.thefantasyfootballers.com and I got two very polarizing grades from our guys: A+ grade from Jason and a C+ from Andy! WHAT!? It comforts me that FantasyPros’ 3rd most accurate ranker, Jason, gave me an A+. Here is a screenshot of the draft result. Not pictured is my last pick on my bench which was Alex Smith:

Draft Kyle Rudolph, get an A+ from Jason lol.


@BusterD. LOL. And much, much truth to that statement I’m sure. Have to say I literally DID Laugh Out Loud when I read your comment. That was good!!!


Try not drafting two QB’s (ditch Brees and stick with Smith) and two TE’s, and take additional WR, and RB depth instead. Also don’t draft your Kicker and DST so early, you’ll get more skilled depth players (not that I dislike the depth guys you chose late). Oh, and take a PPR guy, or someone like Marshan Lynch instead of Lamar Miller (if you want Andy’s grade to rise, lol). :rofl:

Have to agree with your take on Alex Smith. I just have a feeling he’s gonna be unbelievable in Wash. May be wrong. But…

AND…LOL on your intonation for Andy’s grade. Sounds about right. Funny how we all have kinda gotten a “feel” for the Ballers feelings about certain players. Shows how much you hang with the “GUYS”. You pretty much can tell who they put their stock into all season…from start to finish.:smile:

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Loved how he looked in the preseason game tonight. I’ve been mocking and taking Blake Bortles with my last pick, but I may switch and go for Alex Smith instead. I think its reasonable to believe that he could outscore Drew Brees in fantasy this year.

And yeah, I’m on Andy’s side. I concede that at some point Lamar Miller is a value and he could be good with Watson at QB, but he’s like the least sexy pick ever. I don’t want him on my team.

Totally not Super Xcited w/Thomas or Howard this year. Weak ass bench. C sounds about right!