B Cooks, g Tate, D murray, & c Hyde for Lev Bell?

Should I make that trade? 12 team ppr redraft

Marcus Mariota

A Brown
M Evans
b cooks
G Tate
C Davis

M Gordon
C Hyde
D Murray
M forte
D Martin

I feel like I would still have a strong enough to make a strong playoff run even if I slashed depth. The lev bell owner needs a lineup rejuvenation and is worried about he’s zeke. 4-4 his wr are pretty terrible Jarvis Landry wr1 and n aghoholor is wr2 because Bryant never worked out. I would also get James Connor.

It’s hard to snatch Lev Bell, but four players seems like too much. You’re giving up two WR2 and two RB1(ish)

Yea I will try (again) offering variations of 3 of those guys. But I feel like with martins schedule he would be a strong flex ros so I wouldn’t mind paying up to have I mean just super first rounders starting everywhere with Martin in the flex. The guy just won’t accept it because of how strong my team would be. So that’s why it would have to be a strong offer. He’s got kamara and zeke and mixon so and weak overall roster after that.