Baby i want my Quarter back

Josh Allen off of a Concussion against the Titans
Pick up off the waiver wire for 1 week: Teddy against the Bucs/ Andy Dalton against Arizona

You will be graced with a W for a reply

I’m starting Andy Dalton over Allen today. I hate too say it. Tennessee defense is solid. It’s suppose to rain. And I already jumped ship :joy::joy:

Yea I dropped Allen after his concussion and I’ve been riding with Minshew. Based on your options I like Teddy to keep you afloat for a few more weeks until you can find a new QB or just move back to Allen around then maybe.

Yea I dont think theres anyway I can trust Allen today. Going to play Dalton I think and hold onto Allen because after his bye next week his schedule is Mia, Phi, Wsh, Cle, Mia.

Thanks fellas