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BAck for more Murray advice


Ok so I’ve been getting hit up for Demarco Murray. I’m a little hesitant because he is such a legend but he’s had a lackluster year until this week. I’m kind of short on receivers. I have Julio and that’s about it. My RBs are Murray, JStew, Ingram and Buck Allen. I had somebody offer me Davonte Adams and Hurns for Murray. I know for THE DEMARCOMURRAY this would never be ok. But to I bank on that or stack 2 decent receivers. Start Julio and Adams and flex Hurns or something. Then I could start Allen and Ingram or potentially JStew? Thanks!


Man I wouldn’t trade for 2 WR for demarco considering the RBs you currently have. Buck Allen, I don’t trust that backfield at all, and Stewart just is middling the road. If you could get a trade for a good WR and RB, that would be something to consider.


I wouldn’t trade Murray with your backs being so weak. I would try and cuff him with Henry if I could, but it’s bad news if your starting RBs are JStew and Ingram


Ya that’s what I thought. I’m in a tough spot with this team. He has Doug Martin but idk how realiable he will Be when he gets back


This dude really wants him lol. He offered me Aaron Rodgers and Adams for Mariota and Murray. Would you take the gamble on Allen and Ingram to have the top qb? Would Aaron Rodgers numbers make up the difference?


Honestly, your depth is lacking in RB as has been stated previously. Do not sell on Murray unless you are able to get an RB in return as well. RBs get injured all the time and because of that: if you make a trade involving murray and end up having an injury to any of your remaining rbs…well you will be in the toughest of toughest spots.


Forgot to include I have Andre Ellington as well. Not much but it’s another back.


Andre Ellington is not a reliable back. It will hurt you for the season if you get rid of Murray without getting a good RB you can play every week.


Yes you aren’t really in a position to be giving up RBs to be honest. I wouldn’t even shop Demarco around unless you package something for another RB.