Back of the pack strategy?

What’s your strategy if you are in the back of the pack??? 12 team league/standard scoring/QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/Flex/D/K

Ive picked last a few times in mock drafts and the only feedback I can give is go after who you want. You might have to reach slightly ahead of their ADP so if you believe they are worth it, go for it.

strategy is always the same…pick tier-wise!

i picked on 8/10 and will pick on 12/12…at first i thought i will pick RB/WR and wise versa for sure but end up with RB/RB cause OBJ/AB/NUKE were picked in front. you are a little bit dependent what happens before your pick at the back end!
but ist Nothing you should fear…you can relax and easily pick the best options on your board.

I’ll echo the other replies & just say go best available. After the first few rounds you might have to reach for the guys you like since a lot of players fly off the board in between your picks.

I picked 11th on Monday night… 12 team, 1 pt. PPR - my team ended up like this (draft order):

DeAndre Hopkins
Julio Jones
Jerick McKinnon
Royce Freeman
Kerroyn Johnson
Chris Hogan
Alshon Jeffrey
Tarik Cohen
Trey Burton
Danny Amendola
Allen Hurns
Aaron Jones
Marcus Mariota
Mike Williams
Steelers D
Adam Vinatieri

Liked how my WR came out… need a little help/luck from the RB’s.

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